Lease Transfers in Hoboken

Sometimes a client is unable to fulfill their car lease agreement. There are many reasons a customer decides to get out of their auto lease. The lessee may not be happy with their vehicle or they might be unable to fulfill the full terms of the lease. A financial hardship or some other reason could be behind their choice to seek a lease transfer. Do not worry. You have available options to choose from.

A lease transfer is a way for a lessee to terminate their lease without being penalized as a result. If an individual is able to opt for a lease transfer instead of cancelling their lease, a small fee is typically applied instead of an exorbitant charge. While you could trade in your lease for a new one, you would still incur a small penalty.

We can Coordinate Your Lease Transfer

A lease transfer is between a lease holder and a person who wants to assume your lease. The individual will take over the lease and payments for you. The auto leasing agency will not lose any money if the lease is simply transferred. We can facilitate the legal transfer of your lease.

If you are wondering why someone would want to take over your lease, there are several reasons someone might be interested. Perhaps your lease has a short period of time left on it. They may not want to purchase a car or get locked into a long-term lease. They might like variety in the vehicles they drive from year to year.

If you truly wish to get out of your lease, give us a call at (201)-365-4445. We will discuss your auto leasing terms and assist you with finding a buyer who is interested in purchasing your lease from you. Even if your lease is through another company, we will still be able to assist you—as long as the other car leasing company does not have any restrictions on your current lease.

Assume a Lease with Hoboken Auto Leasing

If you are looking to assume a car leasing special without having to make a down payment or agree to a long term lease agreement, then perhaps you would be interested in taking over the lease of an individual who is looking to get out of their current lease. Taking over someone’s lease seems like a great idea, right? It is a good choice for many people.

Here are some details that will help you decide whether this is the right decision for you. Sometimes your options are limited. The vehicle you wish to obtain may not be available right away. If you let us know what you are interested in leasing, then we will start our search right away to try to fulfill your request. If you do not have a strict schedule, then we should be able to find something that you want, even if it takes a little longer. We will use our expansive network to find the vehicle of your choice.

At Hoboken Auto Leasing, we will review every aspect of the car lease agreement with you. Additionally, any damage or excessive wear and tear will be properly addressed prior to your assuming the vehicle. For more information on our lease transfer procedures, give us a call at (201)-365-4445.