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Infiniti Leasing in Hoboken

While Honda was creating an adapted luxury vehicle line, in which Acura was developed; and around the same time that Toyota first launched their line of Lexus luxury vehicles, Infiniti entered the automobile-manufacturing scene. Nissan launched Infiniti in order to stay in competition with the American and European luxury auto markets. The release proved to be highly successful as the company began to gain footing and create a strong customer base with its community based owners club and Ownership Experience services.

As time passed, Infiniti’s foremost marketing plug had been its rapid embracing of groundbreaking innovations in the field of safety and technology. Infiniti has forever been among the leading companies to introduce and utilize current sensor based technology such as Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention and Back-up Collision Intervention. Presently, these features come mostly standard in luxury vehicles, however Infiniti set the pace by being among the first to utilize them in their models.

Infiniti’s present lineup is noteworthy with options for each category of driver and car owner. Infiniti vehicles are built for more than comfort and luxury. These automobiles are also built to place emphasis on enjoying the driving experience. Their SUVs are constructed with current technology that provides it with traction and handling comparable to an normal sedan.

If you are interested in leasing an Infiniti, there are plenty of choices. Hoboken Auto Leasing has a wide range of options; choose from the Q30 Hatchback, Q40 Sedan, Q50 Hybrid, Q50 Sedan, Q60 Convertible, Q60 Coupe, Q70 Hybrid, Q70 Sedan, QX30 SUV, QX50 SUV, QX60 Hybrid, QX60 SUV, QX70 SUV, and the QX80 SUV.

Keep in mind that Hoboken Auto Leasing only offers the newest models. If you are searching for an older Infiniti model, we will not be able to provide you with that. We highly recommend leasing a newer model because of the additional value that comes with a lower rate of depreciation. If you are interested in leasing an Infiniti or would like more information, call us on (201)-365-4445.

Returning Your Infiniti Lease

We understand that many people tend to avoid signing on for a car lease because of the awful stories that come with the auto leasing return experience. Often times, when a consumer returns their lease, they find that they have incurred a hefty amount of additional hidden fees or are charged for excessive use. We truly believe that many times, the traditional auto leasing companies are simply grasping at straws to pull additional funds out of the client by overcharging them.

From our experience, we rarely have to charge for excessive wear and tear. Furthermore we are extremely transparent in our definition of excessive wear and tear because we prefer for the lease return to go as smoothly as possible. Everything that is expected of our client is verbally agreed upon and the contract is signed to ensure everyone is on the same page. If there are no misunderstandings from the beginning of the lease, then at the end of the lease, there are less likely to be any issues.

At Hoboken Auto Leasing, we prefer to end things in a positive manner. Additionally, we are a lot more flexible in terms of usage and we never impose strict constraints. While this most definitely reduces our overall profitability, we remain our sustainability because of our exclusive online business platform and extremely low overhead expenses.

You can trust in that on completion of your Infiniti lease, you will be completely content with the transaction and return of your vehicle. To get started with your Infiniti auto lease with Hoboken Auto Leasing, call our auto leasing experts at (201)-365-4445.