Why Choose Hoboken Auto Leasing

We understand that in order to be the best auto leasing agency in the industry, we have to strive to set high standards of professionalism. Our clients place their trust in us to provide them with secure advice on auto leasing, lease agreements, and complete vehicle information. We work diligently to address our customers’ concerns, as we completely understand that leasing a vehicle can seem like a delicate process.

Customers today have the choice to purchase a car with cash, a loan, or they can lease it. Clients have the power to choose from a multitude of dealerships to acquire a car of their choice. Even with these many options, purchasing a car seems nearly impossible for many individuals. A loan purchase requires a deposit on top of a high interest rate. An auto lease has many fees in addition to the monthly cost. These are a few of the issues in the industry today.

Discounted Leasing Rates

At Hoboken Auto Leasing, we address these issues head-on. As a result of our reduced overhead costs, we bring you the best car leasing deals in the industry. The rates for our available vehicles are much lower than the competition. Additionally, our inventory is not limited in options. We will assist you to find the perfect vehicle at an amazing monthly rate. Obtain a quote today by calling (201)-365-4445.

Early Lease Termination

Traditionally in the car leasing industry, if you wish to terminate your car lease prior to reaching the end of it, you will be charged a significant fee to be released from the auto lease contract. This guarantees that the car leasing agency will receive their compensation, but this leaves the individual with a bad experience. They will most likely never return for new business.

We want to develop a long-term relationship with our customers. We believe in working with our customers to reach a solution. If any issues should arise, we allow our clients to cancel their lease early without any additional consequences or hefty early termination fees.

Lease Return Policies

Often, when a client returns a lease they may receive additional charges as a result of wear and tear. Car leasing companies and their customers do not always agree on what should be deemed excessive wear and tear. At Hoboken Auto Leasing in Hoboken, we always strive to be upfront with our policies. We will never have any additional hidden lease return policies that incur additional charges at the end of your lease.

We believe that honesty is the best policy. By being honest, we are building a lasting relationship with our clients. For more information regarding our policies, do not hesitate to call us at (201)-365-4445.