About Auto Leasing – Hoboken Auto Leasing

Auto leasing is a condition in which you sign an agreement to pay a monthly fee for a vehicle that you do not actually own. Essentially, you borrow or rent the vehicle until the end of your lease unless you choose to purchase it. The car leasing agency and lessee will work out a contract for a specified period of time before the vehicle is to be returned to the car leasing company.

There are some differences between purchasing a vehicle with a loan and leasing a vehicle. The monthly payments are not based on the actual value of the car, but the depreciation value of the car. When compared to our company, many auto leasing companies have other restrictions, such as the brand of vehicle you may select or have vague leasing terms. Let’s explore some of these differences and allow us to explain the ways Hoboken Auto Leasing differs from other car leasing companies.

Car Leasing Rates

It can be confusing when you are presented with the details on the lease rates for a vehicle. How do we calculate the rate anyway? If you purchase a vehicle you will make monthly installments according to the worth of the vehicle before you drive it off of the dealership’s property. When you lease a vehicle, you make payments on the calculated depreciation value of the vehicle until you return it.

Basically, a car that holds its value as time passes will have a lower lease rate than a car that does not. While lease payments are almost always lower than loan payments, most do not take the associated fees into consideration. Many individuals forget to factor in the additional fees they will spend when contemplating a lease. Therefore, their monthly lease payments almost always come out to more than they should pay for their vehicle.

At Hoboken Auto Leasing, our entire operation is run exclusively online. These drastic cuts in overhead give us room to lower our fees at the customers’ advantage. Additionally, we fully utilize an assortment of strategies in the marketplace to be able to meet our customers’ needs.

Auto Leasing Terms

Typically, when it comes to an auto lease, the leasing terms are rigid. The rules tend to come with a monetary penalty if the lessee does not comply. For example, if they exceed the number of allowed miles, then they will be responsible for an additional fee to cover the extra mileage.

As a result, many individuals do not want to be bound by such strict regulations in order to lease a vehicle. However, the car leasing companies must protect their assets because after you return the vehicle, they still have to make a profit off of it.

It is apparent that Hoboken Auto Leasing is unable to completely remove all restrictions. Keeping that in mind, our online business platform allows us more flexibility. Our terms make our clients more comfortable and give them the ability to take advantage of our prime auto leasing deals.

With unbeatable leasing prices, flexible agreements, and superior customer service, we consistently go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. If you would like to request more information on our leasing rates and terms, do not hesitate to contact us! Call (201)-365-4445 to speak with a specialist today!