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Smart Leasing in Hoboken

Smart is a specialized car promoting the mini-car and all it has to offer. Smarts were built with the idea of retaining an elegant and fun while remaining minimalistic with a focus on being able to maneuver around the city. Here is a little history behind the making of this brand. The renowned Swatch, a watch making company, in combination with Mercedes Benz, developed Smart. In 2011, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes Benz and is managed by Mercedes Benz USA. Smart is a product of the United States.

Smart has gained traction mainly due to its size and ease of maneuverability in the busy streets of major cities. They seem to be popping up everywhere all over the United States. Customers of Smarts regularly give praise about the ease of parking and moving through tight spaces in heavy traffic. Safety is always the top concern before any customer takes the plunge and moves forward with their purchase of any Smart car. All cars stand the risk of being completely crushed and can prove fatal in any accident. However, Smart cars perform extremely well in crash tests, even with their small frame. It is all because of the sturdy frame that fares well and stays intact even in the most horrific of collisions.

Another issue that many seem to be intimidated by is the lack of space. This is not your regular-sized sedan. However, Smarts can fit two people comfortably. This vehicle is ideal for inner city driving. If you are looking for something larger and that will be comfortable on a long drive, then the Smart car is not the one for you. If you are looking for a smaller vehicle that is extremely fuel-efficient while you crawl through heavy traffic, then this is definitely a good fit for your lifestyle. If you are interested in leasing a Smart, reach out to us to get started on you application for a car lease today at (201)-365-4445.

Smart Lease With Hoboken Auto Leasing

Smarts are extremely inexpensive compared to other vehicles. However, when you take the vehicle size and limited capabilities into consideration, you might expect the price to be a little less than the current MSRP. Either way, once a client has made the purchase of a Smart, almost all of them are extremely pleased with their choice and consider it to be a steal for the listed price.

If you are looking for an amazing car leasing deal, then you should speak with one of our leasing specialists. While many dealerships may offer Smarts on a traditional lease, their offer cannot compare to the deal you will find at Hoboken Auto Leasing. In fact, we guarantee that you will not find these deals anywhere else.

Learn All About Your Smart

Sure our car leasing specialists are here to help walk you through the leasing procedure. However, our employees have a thorough understanding of all the vehicles in our inventory. If you have any questions concerning a Smart car, we are more than qualified and happy to answer your questions.

If you were to visit a Smart dealership, the sales person is going to pitch you hard and push you in the direction of a sale. At Hoboken Auto Leases, we are always going to be honest, upfront, and transparent. We will never try to push you into an agreement because we want you to be comfortable, excited, and happy with your decision. For more information, simply call us at (201)-365-4445. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concern.